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Discover why Dentists are choosing us over the competition

We are getting 10-20 new virtual consults per week from our Dentalflo AI Video Bot

Patient-Centric Focus 

Our custom features stem from a deep understanding of Dental clinics and making their patient journey our blueprint."

AI Connector Hub

  • Deliver a seamless patient experience
  • Optimize outreach efforts
  • Centralised inbox
  • Never miss an opportunity 24/7
  • Engage where and when your potential customer is ready to talk

Next-Level AI Virtual Assistant"

  • Natural Conversations
  • Seamless Scheduling
  • Simplified process for patients.
  • Improved patient interaction.
  • Optimized Schedule

Patient Centric Campaigns

  • Lead Gen: Engage Leads
  • Nurture: Build Trust Booking:
  • Seamless Scheduling
  • Reminders: Reduce No-Shows
  • No Shows: Rebooking
  • Retargeting: Re-Engage Patients
  • Promotions: Drive Sales
  • Reviews: Manage Feedback
  • Aftercare: Support Patients

After Service Care

  • Aftercare service for proactive patient follow-up
  • Effortless review management
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Automated aftercare reminders
  • Seamless integration with review platforms

Your Personal Review Assistant

  • Intuitively handles sensitive issues
  • Direct patient interaction with AI Assistant
  • Timely feedback solicitation
  • Sentiment analysis for insights
  • Efficient relationship building solution